Ultra Phosphor Oscilloscopes

UPO5000CS Series Ultra Phosphor Oscilloscopes - discontinued


UPO5000CS series digital oscilloscope is based on UNI-T's unique Ultra Phosphor technology. A high performance oscilloscope that is easy to use, with competitive specifications, a perfect combination of much functionality that can help users to quickly complete testing.





UPO2000CS Series Ultra Phosphor Oscilloscopes


UPO2000CS series Ultra Phosphor Oscilloscopes feature 2/4 analog channels, 70MHz/100MHzbandwidth, 1GS/s sampling rate, memory depth up to 28Mpts (open four channelsat the same time), 50,000wfms/s waveform capture rate, adjustable channel timebase, a variety of advanced triggering and bus decoding functions, and richperipheral interfaces.