Electrical Power Tools

UT281E True RMS Flex Clamp


UT281E can measure large currents in various harsh and hard to reach environments. It is designed with Rogowski flex coil and can test up to 3000A AC current. UT281E can also measure AC voltage up to 600V





UT-CS09 Series Flex Clamp Sensors


UT-CS09 series flex clamp sensors solve problems in measuring high current conductors in tight spaces. Their Rogowski coil based current sensor provides stable, safe, and high reliable measurements up to 3000A. This series' unique design and lightweight feature make it a great choice for professional electricians. The UT-CS09A coil length is 25.4cm (10 inches), and UT-CS09C coil length is 45.7cm (18 inches).





UT590 Series Multifunction Testers


UT590 series multifunction testers mainly test RCD, loop/line impedance, earth resistance continuity, insulation resistance and AC/DC voltage. They are applicable to electrical installation, inspection and repair at home or in construction/power industry.





UT530 Series Insulation Resistance Multimeters


UT530 series insulation multimeters are true RMS multimeters, integrating full functional digital multimeter and digital insulation tester. The batteries supply power. The RMS and stored data are up to 99 groups with accuracy 0.09% and the max display 6000. They are applicable to testing all kinds of accurate tools (cable, motor, and transformer).




UT520 Series Earth Resistance Testers


UT520 series can perform precise 3-wire and simple 2-wire earth resistance measurement for power and electrical systems, lightning protection equipment, and g round system of all electrical equipment. This series is UNI-T’s introductory earth resistance tester with high economic value. Its lightweight design is convenient for fieldwork.




UT510 Series Insulation Resistance Testers


UT510 series testers measure insulation resistance of large transformers, generators, high-voltage motors and more. They can also measure PI, DAR and other important specifications. Measured data can then be analyzed through PC software. UT513A produces test voltage up to 5kV.





UT500 Series Insulation Testers


UT500 series insulation testers are used to measure the insulation resistance of electrical equipment and household appliances. This is done by measuring the insulation resistance between electrical circuits or between circuits and ground. UT500 series can measure insulation resistance, AC voltage, low resistance, PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio). These are ideal tools for ensuring transformers, generators, high voltage motors, power capacitors, power cables, arresters and other electrical equipment that can operate in a safe and accurate manner.





UT270 Series Clamp Earth Ground Testers


UT270 series can quickly and safely measure the grounding system without disconnecting circuit ground lines or the need of auxiliary electrodes. It can measure resistance from 0.01Ω with a resolution of 0.001Ω. U T275 can also measure leakage current up to 30A. These clamps' double insulation design makes them durable tools for outdoor work and are effective in blocking interference signals from the environment.





UT262 Series Non-Contact Phase Detectors


UT262 series are clamp type non- contact phase detectors. Users do not need to be in contact with high-voltage, reducing risk of electrical shock to electricians and other professional personnels. Beside phase sequence detection, UT262 series can also be used for live wire detection, simple electrical inspection, phase identification, missing-phase judgment, and wire breaker searching. It is a perfect tool for phase sequence detection, motor mounting, and wires maintenance.





UT261 Series Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Indicators


UT261 series is used for determining 3-phase power phase sequence, missing phase indication, and motor phase rotation (UT261B). UT261A and UT261B can measure AC voltage of 40~690V and 90~600V respectively. These devices can operate in frequency range from 15~400Hz. UT261 are durable devices that can withstand impact from 2 meters’ height. Test leads with protective tubing are included in optional accessories.





UT256B 200A True RMS Fork Meter


UT256B is an AC/DC high reliable, secure true RMS fork meter. Its unique design allows users to measure AC/DC current by simply moving the wire of interest inside the opening of the fork past the labeled mark. With no mechanical parts, this meter bares no risk from any type of mechanical failure. UT256B's full-range overload protection and distinctive appearance design makes it a practical meter for any application current measurement up to 200A or voltage up to 1000V (750V AC).