Waveform Generators

UTG2000B Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators


UTG2000B series can produce high precision, stable, pure and low distortion signals; provide high frequency square wave with quick rise and fall edges. Users can improve their working efficiency by using the multifunctional instrument of easy operated interface, competitive specifications and humanized graphical display.





UTG1000A Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators


UTG1000A function/arbitrary waveform generators adopt direct digital synthesis technology to produce accurate and stable waveform output with 1Hz resolution. Modulations such as AM, PM, FM, ASK, FSK etc. with internal or external source, linear and logarithmic sweeps and USB interface are available. The panel is ergonomically constructed for simple operation.





UTG2000A Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators


UTG2000A has 25MHz/60MHz maximum output rate, 125 MS/s or 250 MS/s sampling rate, and 14-bit vertical resolution. It has equivalent dual channel independent output, modulation, sweep frequency, Burst, and other complex waveform generation functions.





UTG4000A Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators


UTG4000A series is a multi-functional signal generator combines with function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, analog/digital modulator, frequency counter and other functions; It has equal performance dual-channel design, making sample rate up to 500MS/s, maximum arbitrary wave length up to 32Mpts. It has 7GB nonvolatile waveform storage, domestically first optional digital signal generator output module, 8 inches wide screen LCD displays, humanized interface design and reasonable function keyboard layout, which give users a more personalized experience.





UTG9000 Series


UTG9000 series is a economical function signal generator. Its largest output frequency is 10MHz. It displays signal output amplitude and frequency at the same time and performs power output.