Digital Clamp Meters

UT200 Series Digital Clamp Meter









UT200 Series 400-600A Digital Clamp Meters


This series is UNI-T’s entry-level digital clamp meter. It is a great choice for measuring residential and commercial power wires. UT202 and UT204A come with k-type thermo couple, perfect for working in HVAC.





UT200 Series 1000A Digital Clamp Meters


UT200 series includes the following models: UT205A and UT206A with jaw size 40mm; UT207 and UT209A with jaw size 55mm; these models can easily meet the requirements of large current/high voltage applications. This series is high performance, sturdy and durable, safe, practical, which makes these a great choice for the electrical power fields.





UT210 Series Mini Clamp Meters


UT210 Series mini clamp meters are designed to work well in limited space environments. These are essential tools for mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, home appliance installation and electrician duties.





UT211 Series 60A Mini Clamp Meters


UT211 series 60A mini clamp meters are high precision tools designed with resolution of 0.1mA. UT211 are perfect for anyone requiring high precision and accurate results when working with electronics, such as troubleshooting solar power systems current load, electrical cars, etc. This series is ergonomically designed and also lightweight, a convenient tool for working in tight spaces.





UT213 Series 400A Digital Clamp Meters


UT213 series is 400A digital clamp meter with C AT III 600V safety standards. These meters are designed with higher performance and safety ratings. The built-in flashlight also makes these meters useful tools when working in dark environments.





UT216 Series 600A True RMS Digital Clamp Meters


UT216 series digital clamp meters are further improved version of UT213 series. Its double injection design gives users a more comfortable grip and enhanced durability. UT216's 6000 count display also provides more accurate readings for users. This series is a great choice for maintenance and troubleshooting in various industrial and commercial environments.






UT220 Series 2000A Clamp Meters


UT220 is 2000A AC digital clamp meter.It ensures stable performance, safety, and reliability for measuring up to2000A AC current. It is designed with over-load protection for all ranges, perfectfor all professionals measuring currents up to 2000A.