PRO Lines

UT195 Series Professional Multimeters 


UT195 series are handheld industrial digital multimeters with IP65 and 2m drop proof. It can be applied in mines, oilfields and other harsh environments. Compare with traditional multimeters, UT195’s troubleshooting capability, resolution, and precision are improved to find issues related to motor drive, factory equipment maintenance, electrical distribution, and repair etc. It is exquisitely designed and easy to operate.



UT219E Professional Clamp Meter


UT219E has been proved to be safe, categorized as CAT IV 600V. Its streamlined body is skid proof with IP54 rating. These devices are rugged enough to be dropped from a 2m height and able to test precisely and accurately in harsh environments.


UT281 Series True RMS Flex Clamps


UT281 series True RMS flex clamps can measure large current in various harsh and hard to reach environments. It is designed with Rogowski flex coil technology and can test up to 3000A AC current. Being one of UNI-T’s PRO Line series, it is designed to meet IP54 and 2m drop proof requirements. Due to its easy operation, accurate reading, stable performance and reliable quality, it is an ideal tool for electricians.



UT309 Series Professional Infrared Thermometers


UT309 series professional infrared thermometers can determine surface temperature through measuring infrared energy radiated by the target surface. It is designed to meet one of the highest protection ratings in UNI-T’s product line, with IP65 and 3m drop proof. With a rapid response rate of 250ms, high measuring accuracy and multiple scanning modes, UT309 proves to be necessary tool for engineers and technicians working in avarious fields such as electrical distribution inspection, HVAC maintenance, transportation equipment inspection and instrument repair etc.