Industrial True RMS Multimeters

UT139S True RMS Digital Multimeter


UT139S is a new CAT III 600V multimeter designed for electricians. The meter is CE and ETL certified. The new UT139S model has special features such as LoZ measure for detecting capacitor's ghost voltage and simulated 31 segment analog bar, giving electricians a better visual representation of measurement results. UT139S is built with black EBTN display, a perfect meter for working in dark environments.





UT181A True RMS Datalogging Multimeter



UT181A is a digital multimeter with trend capture, true RMS, low pass filter, nS conductance, dual temperature measurement, and more. With the help of the datalogging feature, users can store up to 20000 sets of measurement data and display them on a trend graph for long term monitoring.





UT171 Series Industrial True RMS Digital



UT171 series are industrial grade multimeters used by professionals. Its built-in square wave output is useful for troubleshooting industrial control signals. Its LoZ feature can be used to identify residual (ghost) voltage in large capacitors. UT171C’s OLED display is perfect for working in low temperatures down to -30°C. This series is suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, motor troubleshooting, and electrical engineering maintenance.