Thermal Imagers

UTi80 Thermal Imager



Traditional infrared thermometers can only measure single temperature points. UTi80 thermal imager can detect temperature variations of an area of interest through a 2.4-inch LCD display. UTi80’s dual laser can quickly lock in measurement area and display target temperature. The standard package also includes an 8GB Micro SD card for image and temperature data storage. UTi80’s image blending feature is able to combine infrared and normal camera images together, allowing in-depth display for areas of interest.






UTi160A Thermal Imager


UTi160A IR thermal imager is designed with infrared detector 160*120 pixel as the core and supported with high-quality optical lens, ease-of-use operating system. It is precise to measure, clear to view on images, easy to carry with and offer a price you can totally afford. Choosing a UTi160A means a significant work effectiveness and high temperature measurement accuracy, which is especially a perfect choice for users who are used to IR thermometers.