New Products

UT309D Professional Infrared Thermometer


UT309D professional non-contact infrared thermometer is 3m drop proof with IP65 rating. It can determine surface temperature through measuring infrared energy radiated by the target surface in harsh and hard to reach environments. It is an ideal tool for power distribution inspection, HVAC maintenance, transportation equipment inspection and equipment maintenance etc.


Mini Environmental Series-Upgraded







A15F Air Quality Monitor


A15F is an desktop air quality monitor for real time monitoring of HCHO. This monitor is widely used in homes, shopping malls, offices, vehicles, stations and more sectors.







UT512A Insulation Resistance Tester


UT512A measures insulation resistance of large transformers, generators, high-voltage motors and more. It can also measure PI, DAR and other important parameters. Data can be analyzed through PC software.







A10T/A12T/A13T Temperature


Humidity Meters


These meters measure real-time temperature and humidity and display readings on a large screen. They have alarm clock and 12/24 time modes. A12T has an additional external sensor probe for measuring temperatures of two locations. A10T/A12T display comfort rating based on the combination of temperature and humidity.


UT125C Pocket Size Digital Multimeter


UT125C is a palm-size, stable and reliable multimeter with 4000 display counts. It is an ideal tool  for measuring AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode and continuity with overload protection. This product complies with CAT III 600V and is granted with CE and cETLus certificates.





UT133 Series Palm Size Multimeters


UT133A/B is a palm size multimeter adopting intellectual ADC chip. It provides overload alarm as well as electricity protection. It is a professional device designed for electric industry.






UTG2000B Function/Arbitrary


Waveform Generators


UTG2000B series can produce high precision, stable, pure and low distortion signals; provide high frequency square wave with quick rise and fall edges. Users can improve their working efficiency by using the multifunctional instrument of easy operated interface, competitive specifications and humanized graphical display.


UT131 Series Palm Size Multimeters


The new generation UT131 series redefines the performance standards for entry-level digital multimeters. Our innovative industrial design ensures that these products can withstand 2 meters drop. The new LCD display layout provides a better user experience. This series ensures that users can work safely in CAT II 250V environment. Special features are, 2mF capacitance test (UT131A); battery test (UT131B); temperature measurement function (UT131C); non-contact voltage (NCV) test (UT131D).


UT281 Series True RMS Flex Clamps


UT281 series True RMS flex clamps can measure large currents in various harsh and hard to reach environments. They are designed with Rogowski flex coil and can test up to 3000A AC current. UT281A/C are from UNI-T’s PRO Line series, which meet IP54 and 2m drop proof requirements. Due to the ease in operation, accurate readings, stable performance and reliable quality, these flex clamps are ideal tools for electricians.


UT8000 Series Benchtop Digital Multimeters


UT8000 series features Thyristor testing mode, overload protection for all ranges and special appearance design with a large EBTN LCD Display and a USB interface. It is applicable to electronics, communications, manufacture, oil, national defense, power, chemical industry, college experiments and more fields.